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unclaimed property
compliance software.

Tracker PRO automates unclaimed property compliance with unparalleled functionality.

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Key Tracker PRO Differences

Tracker PRO is full of rich features that provide functionality beyond that of
any other solution in the market. Some examples include:

Tracker Pro software provides rich features for unclaimed property compliance

Tracker PRO's powerful search and due diligence capabilities

Tracker PRO makes generating NAUPA-compliant state reports easy

Experience the Difference

Tracker PRO provides a turn-key solution for managing the complexities of unclaimed property compliance, data security, and reporting.

State reporting made easy

State reporting portal to facilitate report submission.

Attachments for your audit trail

Ability to add attachments to property and owner records.

Automated exemption analysis

Automated exemption analysis to minimize unclaimed property burden.

Powerful letter templates

Highly customizable due diligence and courtesy letter templates.

Unparalleled expertise

Team of experts who work directly with the states to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Flexible data import

Flexible data import routines to get you up and running quickly.

Unparalleled Import Control

Sequester and repair bad data upon import.

Tracker Pro unclaimed property software has unparalleled support for data import to support your escheatment process
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